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Welcome to the Colorado Airport Operators Association (CAOA) Web Resource Center.  The CAOA Web Resource Center is for the exclusive use of CAOA members, and contains a variety of documents which are available for your viewing, copying and use.   As a CAOA member, you are welcome to view and copy any document(s) listed in the Resource Center.  However, as a matter of courtesy, and to ensure that the Resource Center remains up to date with current information, we ask that you return the favor and provide something back to us for posting on this site.  Additionally, members are encouraged to provide additional resources which can be listed on this site at any time. The more resources which are provided to us over time, the larger and more useful the Resource Center will grow for our members.  To share a document for posting in the Resource Center please email an electronic copy of it to the CAOA Webmaster.

The Resource Center is password protected.  Register to become a member and the site administrator will authorize CAOA members with the proper authority to access the Resource Center.

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