Internships & Scholarships


The Board has traditionally offered non-paid short-term internships usually centered around assistance at one of the annual events sponsored by the CAOA, typically for 2-4 students, majoring in aviation, airports or aerospace.
If interested in doing a short-term internship, please contact one of the Board members or the Business Manager
Internships are dependent upon available funds in the CAOA budget.

Membership Incentive Scholarships

Since the 2017 CAOA budget was approved the Board funded and adopted a small scholarship program designed specifically as an incentive to attract new-potential CAOA members. These funds are designed as a one-time usage and can be used for an annual membership, conference registration or training programs. All scholarships requests shall be approved by the Board. Scholarships are available for Colorado Airports and the Corporate/Business entities that have a desire to become a permanent CAOA member.
If interested in a scholarship, please contact one of the Board members or the Business Manager. Scholarships requests must be in written form.

Education Scholarships

Application deadline extended to October 31, 2022.

The CAOA educational scholarships are open to anyone wishing to advance a career in any area of aviation including, but not limited to pilot, aircraft maintenance, operations, or airport management.

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